Introduction to Human Resource Management

CHRP - Introduction to Human Resource Management

This is a foundation course in HRM aimed at equipping the learners with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage the HR function at an entry level. The course covers the nature and purpose of HRM; human resource records and policies; human resource planning; job analysis, recruitment and selection; training and development; and reward motivation.

Overview Of Human Resource Management

  • meaning and importance of HRM
  • distinction between personnel management and HRM
  • HRM functions
  •  HRM models
  • Emerging issues in HRM

Human Resource Policies

  • Meaning and importance of HR policies
  • Areas covered HR policies
  • Process of developing HR policies
  • Types of HR policies
  • Sources of  HR policies
  • Qualities of a good HR policy

Human Resource Records

  • Meaning and importance of HR records
  • Types of HR records
  • Importance of HRIS in records management

Human Resource Planning

  • Overview of corporate strategic planning
  • Meaning and importance of HR planning
  • Features of HR planning
  • Process of HR planning
  • Types of HR plans

Job Analysis

  • Meaning and importance of job analysis
  • Process of job analysis
  • Components of job analysis
  • Methods of job analysis

Talent Sourcing

  • Meaning and importance of talent sourcing
  • The process of talent sourcing
  • Methods of talent sourcing
  • Selection  process
  • Interview techniques
  • Tools for selecting candidates
  • Procedures to check references
  • Placement and induction process

Learning and Development

  • Meaning and importance of learning and development
  • Aims of training and development
  • Learning and development needs analysis
  • Types of training and learning methods
  • Types of employee development
  • Learning evaluation methods

Performance Management

  • Meaning and purpose of performance management
  • Components of performance management

Reward and motivation

  • Meaning and importance of reward and motivation
  • Benefit programs such as healthcare plan, flexi time etc
  • Payroll process
  • Effects of law and regulations on compensation and benefits
  • Factors influencing remuneration
  • Theories of motivation

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