It has been cited that Information Technology has caused ―more harm than good‖. One of the vices sited is computer related crime. Outline and briefly describe four categories of computer related crimes.

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Categories of computer related crime
Computer related crime refers to the use of computer and software for illegal purposes. They include:

1) Trapdoors

This is an undocumented entry point into a computer system It is not founding design specifications but may be put in by software developers to enable them to bypass access controls while working on anew piece of software. In this case, a secret special response can be entered and to bypass controls and access confidential information
2) Logic bombs
This refers to a piece of code triggered by certain events. For example a program will behave normally until a certain event occurs. For example, when disk utilisation reaches a certain percentage and thus activates the large bomb which then maximises damage.
3) Time bombs
These are similar to large bombs except that they are triggered at a certain date.
4) Electronic eavesdropping
This refers to tapping without authorisation into communication line say a network cable over which computer data and messages are transmitted.
5) Trojans
This is a program installed in a computer that performs one function while secretly carrying out another. For example, a program could be running a computer game while simultaneously destroying a data file or another program. Trojans may be used to cover illegal activities or facilitate the destruction of certain vital information.

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