It has been suggested that for any business to derive strategic advantage from information systems there has to be alignment between the business strategy and the IS/IT strategy. Define what a business strategy for IT is and show why it is important for organisations to have an IS/ IT strategy.

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 Business strategy for IT
A business strategy is an action plan detailing the long-term plans and direction for an organisation. Based on the organisations mission statement, a series of long-term objectives are developed to ensure the organisation can meet its mission (reason for being).

Why is it important for organisations to have an IT strategy?
 To ensure a firm foundation on which to build future developments;
 To ensure the organisation is led by its requirements, rather than the technology;
 To ensure technology assumes its proper place as a tool;
 To clarify what IT will contribute to the organisation;
 To ensure that the company invests in appropriate solutions and are clear about the costs and benefits;
 To ensure the full benefits of any investment are realised;
 To avoid unexpected expenditure and the diversion of energy and resources;
 To avoid changing working practices just
 to suit the technology;
 To avoid inefficient and overly complex procedures;
 To ensure a smooth transition from one system to another;
 To ensure clear procedures for the monitoring, evaluation, review and revision; and
To minimise problems, ensure appropriate fault tolerance, fault recovery procedures and contingency planning.

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