L5M8: Project and Change Management ebook Pdf notes CIPS

Project and Change Management (L5M8)

Learning outcomes

1.0  Understand aspects of projects in organisations

1.1  Analyse aspects of projects in organisations

  • The relationship between programmes and projects
  • Stakeholder identification, analysis and involvement
  • Measures of safety, quality, cost and delivery
  • Success and failure of projects
  • Elements of projects
  • Work breakdown structure

1.2  Evaluate the impact on supply chain relationships of undertaking projects

  • Supply chain networks for projects
  • Relationships with sub-contractors
  • Consortiums and joint ventures for projects
  • Traditional and contemporary relationships
  • Project partnering and strategic partnering

1.3  Analyse the resources for projects

  • Resource loading and levelling
  • Multi project scheduling and resource allocation
  • Information technology systems for project management
  • Leading and managing projects
  • Critical chain methodology
  • Asset finance and the role of banks

1.4  Analyse the project life cycles of projects

  • Perspectives on project life cycles
  • Project initiation
  • Organising projects and project implementation
  • Co-ordination in project management
  • Project control
  • Project closure
  • Project review

2.0  Understand the concept of organisational change and how it can be achieved

2.1  Analyse the types of organisational change

  • Evolution
  • Adaption
  • Revolution
  • Reconstruction
  • Closed, contained and open-ended change

2.2  Analyse situations that lead to organisational change

  • Organisational life cycle
  • SWOT and PEST analysis and factors
  • Internal drivers
  • Future trends and innovation
  • Multiple-cause diagrams and simultaneous change
  • Changes in management and structure
  • Cycle of competitive behaviour and reactive breakpoints

2.3  Evaluate organisational responses to change

  • Environmental turbulence
  • Resistance to change
  • Cynicism and scepticism
  • The challenge of maintaining change
  • The change cycle – loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding, integration

2.4  Analyse methods to manage, achieve and maintain change

  • Collaborate, communicate, direct and coerce
  • Clarify goals
  • Refine methods and procedures
  • Empowerment and ownership
  • Incremental adjustment
  • Lean and value stream mapping
  • Monitor and maintain changes
  • The change spectrum – hard (difficult) vs. soft (messy) problems

3.0  Understand approaches to the planning and management of projects and change initiatives

3.1  Evaluate structures for corporate governance

  • Project boards/executive
  • Project responsibility charting
  • The use of project initiation documents
  • Structures of project management such as project, functional and matrix
  • Project reporting

3.2  Analyse the common objectives for projects

  • Identifying goals and objectives of projects
  • The balance between cost, quality and time in projects
  • Technology project development
  • Building sustainability into major projects
  • Impact on the community for major projects
  • Communicating project objectives to the supply chain

3.3  Analyse approaches to the management of risks for projects

  • Identifying assumptions and risks
  • Risk simulation
  • Risk registers
  • Risk accountability
  • The management of risk in supply chains

3.4  Critically compare methodologies for the planning of projects

  • Sequencing activities
  • Network techniques including project evaluation and review techniques (PERT) and critical path method (CPM)
  • Gantt charts and baselines

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