L5M9: Operations Management ebook Pdf notes CIPS

L5M9: Operations Management

Learning outcomes

1.0  Understand the concept and scope of operations management

1.1  Analyse the role and activities of operations management in organisations

  • Definitions of operations and operations management
  • The extent of operations management in organisations
  • Operations management in different types of organisations

1.2  Critically assess the objectives and strategies of operations management

  • From implementing to supporting to driving strategy
  • The stages of development of operations strategy
  • The performance objectives of operations management (quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost)
  • Top down and bottom up perspectives of operations strategy
  • Order qualifying and order winning objectives of operations management

1.3  Evaluate operations management processes

  • The input transformation -output’ model of operations management
  • The dimensions of operations processes (volume,variety, variation and visibility)
  • The activities of operations processes

1.4  Analyse the application of operations management across supply chains

  • Operations management in manufacturing, services, retail, construction, and public sector supply chains
  • The impact of operations management on global sourcing
  • Examples of operations management in different supply chains

2.0  Understand improvement methodologies that can be applied in operations management

2.1  Analyse tools for improving performance in operations management

  • The use of performance measurement in operations management
  • Setting performance targets
  • Benchmarking in improving operations management
  • Building continuous improvement
  • The use of business process re-engineering

2.2  Explain techniques in failure prevention and recovery that can be applied in operations management

  • Measuring failure and the impact of failure
  • Mechanisms to detect failure
  • Failure mode and effect analysis
  • Improving process reliability
  • Maintenance and approaches to maintenance
  • Failure distributions
  • Business continuity

2.3  Evaluate the role of total quality management inoperations management

  • Approaches to total quality management
  • The differences between total quality and quality assurance
  • The work of pioneers of total quality management (such as Deming, Juran)

2.4  Analyse techniques for quality improvement that can be applied in operations management

  • Diagnosing quality problems
  • The use of statistical process control
  • Variation in process quality
  • The Taguchi loss function
  • Poka yoke
  • The Six Sigma approach to quality improvement

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