Learning and Development

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CHRP 13 Learning and Development


This course unit covers performance management; training and development strategies and policies; training needs assessment; developing; implementing and evaluating training programs.

General Objective

To equip the learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure effective learning for enhancement organizational performance and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course unit the learner will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the need for continuous learning as a way of maintaining and sustaining organizational performance.
  2. Develop training programmes that meet the training needs of both the employee and the organization.
  3. Undertake the training cycle from the training needs analysis, designing training programme, implementation and evaluation.
  4. Plan and implement career development programmes for the organization.
  5. Align the learning and development programs and initiatives to overall organizational goals.

Developing the Organization’S Training and Development Strategies and Policies

  • Definition of education and training
  • Developing strategy and policy
  • Organization’s statement of philosophy and policy
  • Objectives of training and development
  • Components of strategy and policy on training and development

Training needs analysis

  • Concept of systematic training
  • Establishing a systematic training programme
  • Training needs assessment

Developing and Implementing a Training Programme

  • Procedure in developing a training programme
  • Appropriate training methods
  • Communication skills in training
  • Developing training resources
  • Implementation of the training programme
  • Evaluation of the programme
  • Theories of adult learning
  • Conditions for effective adult learning
  • Group dynamics in adult learning

The Role of Performance Management in Learning and Development

  • Meaning of terms training, learning, development and performance management
  • Importance of performance management to training and development
  • Basis of performance management and how it works
  • Designing and establishing a performance management system in an organization

Management development

  • Meaning and importance
  • Objectives of management development programme
  • Determining competencies required
  • Developing and implementing a management development programme
  • Review and modification of the programme

Career Management

  • Meaning and importance
  • Objectives
  • Issues
  • The process of planning
  • Career counseling and mentoring
  • Implementation

The Industrial Training Act

  • Provisions of the Industrial Training
    • Training levy
    • Technical and vocational training
    • NITA
  • Training schemes and facilities provided by NITA

Emerging Issues

  • Key issues in the Learning and Development and organizational learning function
  • Trends in Learning and Development
  • The role of HRM in organizational Learning and Development and the organization’s success

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