List four application packages that you might consider using on a micro-computer for administrative functions in an organisation. Explain how each of these packages can increase an organisation‘s efficiency.

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Application packages for administrative functions and how they can increase an organisation‘s efficiency.

Application programs are programs that are designed to help users t carry out specific activities.
1. Data management package
These are packages, which help the creation and maintenance of data for enquiry and reporting purposes. This packages allow for the creation of timely reports which are updated whenever such are required by management thus they can keep track of the organisation‘s events and thus improve efficiency.

2. Graphics packages
These are packages, which provide facilities that allow users to do various kinds of computer graphics and produce drawings or diagrams using such input devices as mice. These packages are important particularly to business organisations as a means of producing business charts and graphs so as to perform such activities as trend analysis and thus measure efficiency.
3. Spreadsheet packages
These are computer packages which deal with computations involving inter-related rows and columns of data. Spreadsheets can based to perform calculations on the value displayed in the rows and columns. Spreadsheets are important to organisations in that: –
i) They contain numerous cells thus can handle a lot of data.
ii) They contain chart facilities such as pie charts and bar charts which can be used in information analysis.

Thus spreadsheets will obviously improve an organisation‘s efficiency by offering it the above advantages. Examples are MS Excel and Lotus 123.

4. Word processing packages
These are special purpose packages used for the production of documents such as letters, reports and contracts. They enable general purpose computers such as personal computers to be used for word processing.

These packages can increase the overall efficiency of the organisation in that they are quick and produce accurate documents free from spelling mistakes thus improve the accuracy of information.

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