List six major reasons for such user resistance. For each reason, provide a brief explanation.

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Reasons for user resistance:

1. Parochial Self-Interests
Users may resist a computer-based information system because they may perceive it as a threat to their current job, power, etc
2. Differing Perceptions Or Assessments
Managers could view the computer-based system as vital to organizational efficiency while operations staff may view a computer-based system as a nuisance to their normal operations thus leading to their resistance to the system.
3. Ignorance
Users could resist the introduction of a computer-based information system due to lack of knowledge of the potential benefits of the system.
4. Mistrust And Suspicion
Users could view the computerization of the information system as an opportunity for downsizing the labour force and thus they will tend to resist.
5. Lack of Involvement of Users in the Computerization Initiative.
When users are not involved, they feel left out and thus they resist in protest to management.
6. Need To Re-skill
The need to re-skill due to the introduction of the computer based information system may discourage users particularly when some of them feel that they won‘t be able to cope with the new demands due to their age.

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