List the characteristics of an effective MIS.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers


Important characteristics for an effective MIS as follows:

i. Management Oriented
It means that effort for the development of the information system should start from an appraisal of management needs and overall business objectives.
ii. Management Directed
Because of Management Orientation of MIS, it is necessary that management should actively
direct the system‘s development efforts.
iii. Integrated
Development of information should be an integrated meaning that all the functional and operational information sub-system should be tied together into one entity.
iv. Common data flows
It means the use of common input, processing and output procedures and media whenever possible is desirable.
v. Heavy planning element
Usually an MIS takes 3 to 5 years and sometimes longer period to get established firmly within a company, therefore a heavy planning element must be present in MIS development.

vi. Sub-system concept
Even though the information system is viewed as a single entity, it must be broken down into digestible sub-system which can be implemented one at a time by developing a phase plan.
vii. Common Database
Database holds functional systems together. The organization of a database allows it to be accessed by several information sub-systems and thus eliminates the necessity of duplication in data storage, updating, deletion and protection.
viii. Computerized
It is possible to have MIS without sing a computer, but use of computers increases the effectiveness of the system.

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