List the factors affecting output design.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

a)Content: Only require information should be provided to the user. Content refers to the actually information printed or provide so unnecessary information and data should be avoided in the output report.
Form: Form refers to the way the contents are presented. There is always a systematic procedure to represent any things which should be followed while designing the output. E.g Text, pictures, video, tables, titles, summary etc should be presented appropriately at appropriate position.
Output volume: It refers to the amount of the data or information being printed or presented in the report. If large volume of the data should be printed or presented in these cases high-speed accessories and equipment should be used to meet the demand.
Timeliness: It refers to the time when user needs the out put. Some times the out put needed only at once or some time periodic reports are also essential. System should accommodate such timely needs.
Media: It refers to the physical devices at which the output should be presented. Paper, picture, audio-video any type of the media can be used for the purpose of the presentation depending upon the cost, time, user and place.

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