List two advantages and two disadvantages of using standardised audit programmes during audit assignments

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers

Standardised audit programmes refers to where a firm has come up with standard audit programmes that provide the various audit procedures that are to be performed in the respective accounting areas. These are required to be applied when auditing the various clients.

 Makes that audit efficient since there is no need to spend time in preparing new of audit programmes;
 Ensures that all issues are addressed in the respective accounting areas. The standardised programmes provide the minimum tests that must be carried out in

the respective accounting areas;

 May stifle the initiative of the audit staff. This is because the need to exercise judgment in deciding the audit procedures to be carried out is eliminated;
 Some audit issues may not be addressed. This is because in following the standard audit programme some audit procedures that might have been necessary might not be carried out if they are not included in the standard audit programme.

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