Principles and Practices of Marketing

This are activities that support the physical distribution of goods and they include;

  1. Warehousing-this is performance of administrative and physical functions associated with storage of goods and materials.the functions include receiving-identification-inspection-storage of goods for issue to production process-retrieving goods.
  2. Transportation-this is the movement of finished goods from production operation to consumer using various modes of transportation e.g. road,air ,water and rail.
  3. Order processing-this is the efficient receipt of orders,processing the orders,ensuring efficient delivering and preparation of invoices for payment.
  4. Stock/inventory control-this is maintaining of stocks in sufficient levels to avoid overstocking and running out of stocks before the next delivering.
  5. Clearing and forwarding-clearing and forwarding agents are service providers who assist importer/exporter to arrange for transport,documentation and customs clearance for international shipment.

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