Maintaining relationships through IPC

  • Self-disclosure: Revealing yourself to others

Self disclosure, originally research psychologist Sidney Jourard, occurs when we voluntarily provide information to others that they would not learn if we did not tell them.

  • Reciprocity in Self-Disclosure

Reciprocity: meaning that when we share information about ourselves with other persons, we expect them to share information that is similar in risk or depth about themselves.

  • Appropriateness in Self-Disclosure

Appropriateness: is another key variable related to self-disclosure.

-Certain kinds of information are inappropriate to disclose at an early stage, but appropriate at a later stage of relational development.

  • Assessing the Risks of Self-Disclosure

-What is high self-disclosing for one person may be low self-disclosing for another.

-While the level of intimacy (or risk) in the information increases over time, the amount of disclosure tends to decrease as the relationship becomes more and more intimate.

-By revealing information to another person, you give that person a degree of power over you.

  • Self-Disclosure, Intimacy, and Gender

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