Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Assume that you are appointed as Account and Finance Information System consultant for its development and implementation for XYZ Pvt. Ltd. Company whose major products are noodles, juices and biscuits. Different branches of XYZ Pvt. Ltd. are located in Biratnagar, Pokhara, Hetauda and the central office is located in Kathmandu. Based on the above information answer the following questions.
a) What will be your information system development procedure?
b) What are the inputs of the system?
c) What types of report do you want to generate for different hierarchy of management?

There will not be any specific answer in this type of conceptual question. The main objective of this type of question is to check the student’s analytical ideas and problem solving techniques. So there might be various types’ concepts and design can be expected from students. However for the evaluation following points should be taken into consider.
a) Anyone method of system development life cycle with relevant figure like Water fall model or Spiral model can be accepted. But students should clearly specify which method is being used and the reason of using that particular development process. During each steps of development process the task carried out should be clearly be specified.

b) The account and finance information system can be divided into two parts. One is about book keeping and another about the analysis of different types of financial statements. Purely accounting information system can also be subdivide into sale order transaction processing system, cash receipt/ distribution transaction processing system, general ledger processing and reporting system, purchasing transaction processing system and payroll system.

Inputs to Sales TPS : Product ID, Product Name, Product amount, Product price, discount.
Input to Cash Receipt/ Distribution TPS : The bill from Sale TPS and receipt obtained from the vendor will be input for the case of cash distribution TPS.
Input to general ledger processing and reporting system: The bill from sales TPS, cash receipt information, cash distributed information, the output from pay roll system and information from purchase TPS.
Input purchasing transaction processing system: Purchasing order, receipt obtained from the supplier to maintain the inventory.
Payroll TPS : Employee name, employee working hour, rate, leave, allowances, etc.

c) Financial Report: The output from all these report can be used to generate various types of financial report.
Operation level manager: Monthly Purchase Report, Daily Sales volume of specific product, Cost on various types of raw material specific to product. E.g. for noodles, for juices and biscuits ingredients.
Middle level manager: Total cost on purchase, Total sales, Profit and loss, Salary and allowances, leave and working hour.
Top level manager: Comparison of sales with last year, Profit and loss ratio, 5- 10 years projections of cost, remunerations and sales etc

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