Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions considering that you are developing a computerized student information system for the ICAN:
a) Explain the System Development Life Cycle method. (June 2008)(10 Marks)
b) Explain the levels of system users and their information requirements.

The design methodology can be summarized as the point wise as follows. Problem Analysis:
This is the first phase of the system development. In this phase system analyst and end users discuss together to find out what actually need to be done the system. In case of ICAN, I as a system analyst and different levels of users would analyses the process of enrolling, documents required, record maintaining etc.

System Design:
In this phase, the manual system would be represented different types of diagram so that computer experts can understand the administrative process undergoing there in ICAN. Then the database design, networking and hardware specification would be done. This process continues towards the design of the input, output etc as well.

Acquisition and Development of the System:
System development is a team work. Actual programming process requires different computer expertise. Single person cannot completely develop whole information system so I rather suggest acquiring the system from the team of expert.

System Testing:
Once we receive the system developed the team of expert, we will test to ensure that it is bug- free. Testing of the system can be done entering known data and checking the known results. Different testing mechanism like alpha, beta testing can be implemented.

Implementation and Maintenance:
After system is found to be fit, it will be implemented with the actual data. The results of the development efforts are reviewed to ensure that the new system satisfies user requirements. After implementation, the system is maintained; it is modified to adapt to changing users and business needs so that the system can be useful to the organization as long as possible.

The system user will be classified according to the priority and type of information that they do need to access. Classification of the system users will also depends upon the system security and data accessibility.

Executive level user:
This type of user will access summary and exclusive reports. These users are mainly focus in long term policy making. They can access information like: past history, student enrollment trend, student placement status, etc.

Supervisor level user:
This type of user access the information generated operational level. They are mainly focused about the short term strategy formation to meet the policy formulated the supervisory level. So they access the information like student pass/fail record, subject wise marks distribution, foundation, intermediate and final pass ratio, hall test/Postal examination performance etc.

Operational level:
They are mainly concern about the day to day operation. They also act as the data entry level users. They provide student personal and academic information to the system. They can also access the information like student‘s registry, exam marks and attendance.

Student can access their own information only. They can access information such their profile, examination results etc.

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