Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

A deluxe restaurant in Darbar Marg function as follows:
When customer walks in to the restaurant, the customer is asked whether he made reservation or not. The people with reservation are seated as quickly as possible. Those who have not reservation are made to wait in a well furnished waiting room. Before the waiting customer‘s turn comes or the reservation customer arrives, the table is cleaned and neatly set a busser. When the table is ready, the customers walk to their table and call for a waiter.

The waiter shows them a menu card and asks whether they want to order a drink while they decide what to order. If someone orders a drink, the waiter goes and gets it. The waiter allows the customers five or ten minutes for making selection from the menu. After some time, the waiter comes back to take the orders. Each waiter is allotted an area that consists of number of tables.

Waiters are rotated through all the different areas. The selections made customer are noted down on a form which the waiter gives to the Chef. The form consists of table number, selection and time. The time is mentioned for the Chef to prioritize his efforts in terms of when an order has arrived.

The Chef cooks the food and the waiter picks up and brings to the table. The people then eat their meals. When the people finish their meals, the waiter comes and asks whether they want anything else. If they do, the waiter takes their order. If they don‘t want anything more, he goes and brings the bill. After a few minutes, he comes and collects the cash or credit card. Then after some time the waiter bring the change or credit card receipts. The customer leaves a tip and goes out.

The restaurant management has now decided to provide a technological back bone to the restaurant, so that customers are treated better and served in time. That is they purpose to computerized the restaurant functioning.

Answer the following
Draw an activity diagram for the restaurant.
Suggest lactations where terminals would be required and other optional locations. Also mention how your suggestion would improve the functioning of restaurant. Draw a deployment diagram.

A local area network should be set up in the restaurant. A wireless network is preferable because in a wired network, the waiters would be jumping over wires to get to the terminals and sometimes may entangle with the laid down wires.

The network will improve communication between the waiter, chef and the busser. For example, communicating order from customer to chef, enquiring about the status of the meal preparation from kitchen etc. Also the waiter can send a message to the busser to come and clean table when a customer leaves.

Each busser and waiter will carry a terminal on his palm (palmtops). One desktop PC will be installed in the kitchen and another one in the manager‘s office. The chicken PC will store the databases namely the order database and the recipe database. Kitchen will have one or more screens for easy viewing all the chefs working there

When customer makes an order, the waiter could enter them into his palmtop and the order would go to the kitchen PC. This eliminates the time required to walk from the serving area to the kitchen to communicate orders. Also the waiter can ensure about the status of a meal pressing a button on the palmtop. The chef can reply to it providing an estimate of time required for the meal get ready.

When order is prepared, the chef can send a message to the waiter‘s palmtop. The waiter can then come and collect the meals. This eliminates the time required for repeatedly coming to the kitchen to check whether the order is ready or not

The kitchen and manager‘s PC are connected to a printer. Each serving area will have a printer so
that the waiters can print bills without having to walk to the cash collecting counters

Since the kitchen is away from the Manager‘s office, a repeater is placed between so that the signals do not get attenuated with distance.
The deployment diagram is shown in figure 2.

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