Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The resident of Padmashree Colony in Budhanilkantha Kathmandu has a membership of 25,000 families. The purpose of the organization is to provide welfare to the residents of the colony. They take care of security services, utility help in terms of electrician, plumber, sweeper etc and some financial support to the families who are in need. The association keeps organizing the educational cum cultural workshops from time to time. During festive season, the association also organizes the get-to-gethers. Members of the association are supposed to pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 10,000. Association also receives additional funds from government schemes and also from business peoples. The book –keeping work for the association is handled the elected treasurer Mr. Suman Thapa.
The members of the welfare association are elected every year on the basis of open polls. But Mr. Thapa win the position unopposed every year as no one wants to take over the tedious and time- consuming job of managing money and tracking memberships. Each governing body member of

the association is paid a stipend of Rs. 10000 per month. The colony members however are not very happy with the Mr. Thapa’s performance.
Association already has a computer system based solution to track the billing and receipt funds. But this system was developed in 1990 and it is based on FoxPro-based data management system. Since FoxPro has become outdated, because of which no one is able to maintain the system properly.
The existing system takes lot of time to process the data. Member queries are not answered easily. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to find the information needed to answer the question. Often they have to perform calculations manually since the system was not programmed to handle certain types of queries. When member information is entered into the system, each field is presented one at a time. This makes it very difficult to return to a field and correct a value that was entered. Sometimes a new member is entered but disappears from the records. The report of membership used in the workshops and other events are generated in different formats.
Association has decided to upgrade the system rather develop the new system which is scalable. They hire you to do this project.
a. Explain how will you carry out the requirement analysis of the new system.
b. What are the data attributes that should be collected to maintain the updated system?
c. How will you migrate from old system to new system?

a) For the requirement analysis of the new system, as a system analyst i will take following steps;
1. Study of Existing system operations and report that it generates.
2. Study of normal events and activity procedures in the colony so that to understand the activities, data attributes and report needed in during the development of the system.
3. Finding gap between normal events and activity procedures and facility that existing system provides. This will help to find the new things to be incorporated in the proposed system and things that can be extracted from the existing system.
4. Making interaction with stake holders: selected individuals of the colony and member of the welfare community and system users. This will be to find out what they want from the new system. This will be multiple times to detail the requirement.
5. Building a prototype version of the new system according to discussion from 1 to 4 and then again taking the feedback from the stake holders. This is how all type of requirement will be collected to build the new system.

b) The different attributes that should be analyzed and collected to maintain updated system are as follows:
1. Member: First_Name, Middle_Name, Sir_name, Registration_ID, Street Number, Telephone number, Mobile Number

2. Vechile:Vechile_Type, Vechile_Number
3. House: House_Number, House Owner_registration_ID
4. Event: Event_Name,Participating _members, date, Event_fee
5. Member of welfare organization: Registration_ID, Joining_Date, remueration_rate
6. Funds Collection: Annual_member_fee, Donars, donated amounts,
7. Support from Welfare organization: Receiving person_ID, area of support, amounts, dates

c) The approach towards the migration to the new system from the old system will be the parallel conversion process. For a certain time period both the system will be in used and the performance and verification of the new system can be done parallel. Once we are assured about the performance of the new system, old system will be stopped and only new system will be run. But during the period of the evaluation both system will work.

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