Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Organizational and information systems can be divided into four levels:
i. Strategic
ii. Management
iii. Knowledge
iv. Operational
At each level, explain the purpose of the system and the kind of employee expected to use it.

i. Strategic Level:
The purpose of the system in strategic level is; to match capability to changes in environment; to support strategic decision making; to help with long-term planning. This type of information systems are used senior managers, executive board etc.
ii. Management Level:
This information system provides periodic reports, may support non-routine decision making and help managers to control. It is used middle managers.

iii. Knowledge Level:
It helps in design; control paperwork; distribute information; possibly marketing; integrate new knowledge. This is more technical information system. It is purely specific. It is used knowledge/ data workers e.g Engineers, salesperson/managers etc.
iv. Operational Level:
It is mainly used for answering routine questions; monitoring operations; monitor/ control day-to- day activities; tracking flow of transactions etc. It is purely applicable to operations managers; other employees etc.

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