Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The success of an organization depends upon its ability to gather, produce, maintain, and disseminate knowledge. Explain, with the aid of examples, how each of the following types of information system can promote this ability, and thus contribute to the success of an organization.
i. Office automation systems
ii. Knowledge work systems
iii. Group collaboration and support systems
iv. Artificial intelligence systems

a. Office automation systems help coordinate information flow disseminate information, create and manage documentation, publish schedules; distribute knowledge examples: word processing, online diary system, shared databases.

b. Knowledge work system allows the creation and storage of designs and products in electronic form, easier to maintain and distribute; integration of knowledge examples: design workstations, simulation and visualization tools, investment workstations.

c. Group collaboration and support systems provide access to knowledge repositories, shared information stores; they assist in the production and maintenance of knowledge in group

working situations examples: workflow management, discussion tacking, security systems, publishing systems, bug tracking.

d. Artificial intelligence in the form of voice recognition systems/ language processing, expert systems, or intelligent can: assist with knowledge gathering and process and present relevant information for decision making examples: expert systems, decision support systems, web agents, speech recognition systems.

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