Management information and control system question and answer

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Assume that you are working as the Chief Executive Officer for the Nepal Door Sanchar Company Limited (NDCL). You want to have an Executive Information System (EIS) to support your work. In this context answer following question;
a) Why do you want to have EIS?
b) Compare EIS with other information system.

Nepal Door Sanchar Company Limited Nepal (NDCL) is the leading telecom operate for in Neal which provides the services of voice and data. It operates voice and data services through the public service telephone network (PSTN) and mobile phone network. The services are almost to the all part of the country. It has very high financial transaction. NDCL is one of the highest tax payer companies in Nepal. The technical and administrative staffs are around 5 thousand in the country. It has fixed assets in the form of buildings and land as well along with the telecommunication infrastructure. These are the basic back ground of the company.
The operation of NDCL is highly distributed ranging from switching of voice channels, data transmission, maintenance and optimization of the networks maintaining the quality of services. Another very important area of business of NDCL is the sales of mobile SIM/telephone lines and customer care. To handle these businesses NDCL is having different types of ICT system. And the concern head of the departments and functional units are responsible to supervise their subordinates.
Being the CEO, I want to know the summary of status of all business activities going on in my office. It is really time consuming affair for me to check each and every system to have relevant information. So, I want to have the summary of the all system in the as Executive Information System. This system should help me to go in detail of every system whenever needed. It should be able to provide the graphical summary (charts, graphs etc.) of the status/progress of the work going in my organization in finance, sales and customer support, operation and maintenance, human resource and procurement etc. The system should be able to indicate peculiarities in all areas with distinct features. This executive system should run in the internet so that i can track the status from any places. This executive information system should have the features of making analysis, should give the comparative information, trends and ideas about business opportunities and problems.
If I can have EIS my work will be highly precise and effective. Generally unstructured type decision has to be made from my place. In this case this EIS will help me to take the right decision at right time. Thus, EIS will help me to make the good decisions and overall the efficiency of the NDCL can be increased as I can access the right information in right time without hassles.


SN Executive          Information

System (EIS)

Management           Information

System (MIS)

Decision              Support

System (DSS)

1 EIS is the summary of the all type of system which is helpful more towards unstructured decision            making


MIS is generally a sophisticated reporting system built on existing transaction processing. DSS is that system which helps to support            semi- structured decision making process.
2 EIS support the executive level of management, often used to formulate high level strategic decisions impacting on the direction of the organization Often used to support structured             decision making. DSS problems are often characterized        by

incomplete            or uncertain knowledge, or the use    of   qualitative data.

3 These systems will usually have the ability to extract summary data from internal systems, along with external data that provides intelligence on the environment of the organization Typically will also support tactical level management, but sometimes are used at other levels. DSS will often include modeling tools in them, where various alternative

scenarios can be modeled             and compared.

4 Generally    these    systems

work   by   providing a

Examples        of       structured

decisions    supported    by

Investment decisions are

examples   of  those


user friendly interface into other systems, both internal and external to the organization MIS might include deciding on stock levels or the pricing of products that       might       be supported DSS.


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