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Currently there has been a general trend to consolidate previously separate data centres into larger centres or the move from classic decentralisation as a proliferation of mini data processing departments into centralised information system providers.

Explain the factors influencing re-centralisation of information systems.

Factors influencing re-centralisation of information systems.
Re-centralisation or upsizing refers to the process of consolidating distributed data processing centres into one central processing centre.
1. Systems management is considerably more complex than for centralised systems. For example systems operate across the different platforms are few and far apart.
2. Distributed systems involve the use of networks. This therefore brings about the problem of network management due to lack of appropriate software.
3. Systems administration is also made easier re-centralisation thus the organisation can adequately provide such. Vital features as system security, database administration, backup and restore, and software distribution.
4. Online maintaining of systems, fault detection tracking and resolution is made easier re-centralisation.
5. Data and systems security is improved since data is held centrally and is not vulnerable to degradation or other risks associated with computer networking.
6. Re-centralisation helps to reduce communication costs for remote terminals. For example, there is no need for such devices as modems and internet access costs for inter- networked systems.

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