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CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

(a) Some of the major challenges facing the convergence of networks in businesses is performance, that is, the network can at times be painfully too slow and result in high inter connectivity costs.

(i) Explain the meaning of the terms ―bandwidth‖ and ― inter connectivity costs‖.

(ii) Examine four factors that can determine the extent to which network performance degrades or slows down.

Explain two strategies that business organizations can adopt to keep network costs low.
(b) Identify any four common reasons for losing data in computer-based systems.
(i) Bandwidth – bandwidth is the bits-per-second (bps) transmission capability of a communication channel. It also refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. There are three types:-
(i) Voice band – bandwidth of standard telephone lines.
(ii) Medium band – bandwidth of special leased lines used.
(iii) Broadband – bandwidth of microwave, satellite coaxial cable and fibre optic.

Inter connectivity costs
These are costs incurred in running a network. These costs basically include the subscribing costs which run when the network is interacting with other networks. It also includes unquantifiable costs like security threats.

(ii) Factors that determine the extent to which network performance degrades or Slows down: –

i) Bandwidth – the size of the bandwidth will determine the speed of network. A large bandwidth will be sufficient to support a large number of network users without slowing down the network.
ii) Software – For example, a network operating system with a high performance (eg linux operating system) can be able to provide a high network performance.
iii) Hardware – different hardware have different capability thus if the hardware is outdated then the network will slow down.

iv) Dedication of the servers – when a server is connected to different networks then it will be painfully slow as so many users are using the server. As such servers should be connected in a way to serve limited networks for optimum performance.

Software – the software of the components of a network will have influence on the network.

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