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CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

The following diagram illustrates the e-business planning process, which focuses on discovering innovative approaches to satisfying a company‘s customer value and business value goals:

The planning process leads to development of strategies and business models for new e- business and e-commerce platforms, processes, products and services. The company can then develop IT strategies and an IT architecture that supports the building and implementation of the newly planned e-business applications. Such an e-business planning process has three major components one of which is information technology architecture.

(a) Describe the other two e-business planning process components.
(b) State and explain the four major components of the information technology architecture component.
(c) The e-business application development and deployment process involve some activities that should be properly managed for the e-business planning process to be completed successfully.
List and briefly explain these activities.
– Infrastructure opportunities and constraints, which will include Information System requirements and priorities
– Business processes: that is business focused processes, demand oriented and function based.

– Hardware – The tangible parts of a computer system
– Operating System – Gives life to the hardware
– Database – stores data and information
– Telecommunication – Enables communication between the users of the system and the organization system

– In-house review: Evaluating what has been accomplished and resources that have been acquired
– Analyzing the environment
– Anticipating future development (projecting trends)
– Deciding what goals are to be achieved (setting goals)
– Deciding what actions to take to achieve the goal set

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