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CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

During output design, the designer‘s ideas are put to test. Some ideas are essential while others are dictated circumstances.

(a) (i) State the general principles applied in output design. (
(ii) Outline the ―Steps taken in designing an output.‖

(b) Describe the options available for the analyst to use when implementing an output

(c) Systems development projects are usually triggered by:
(i) Problems
(ii) Directives

Explain the meaning of these terms in the context of systems development.
(a) (i)
 Use a single line for column heading to conserve space.

Adjust formats or eliminate information in order to fit the information to be displayed.
 Place command buttons on the bottom
 Always include the current time indicator


1. Define the output and data flows – before beginning a program, you must have a firm idea of what the program should produce and what data is needed to produce that output.
2. Develop the logic. After you and the user agree to the goals and output of the program your job is to take that output definition and decide how to make a computer produce the output.
3. Writing the code.

 Printer – to produce text and graphics on paper.
 Screen VDU it displays text and graphics on monitor
Computer output microfiche – it records reduced size information on sheet film known as microfiche

 Voice/audio devices – they convey information to the end-user from the computer in the form of speech.
 Specialized devices – they produce outputs for specialized application e.g. electronic point of sale terminals, ATMs.

(c) Systems development projects are usually triggered by:
(i) Problems
(ii) Directives

i) Problems: This is the business need(s) for the information system. Business reason(s) for the new information system due to change of trends.
ii) Directives: The underlined steps, procedures and controls (standards in system development.

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