Management information systems revision question and answer

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Explain the following characteristics of a system:
(i.) Differentiation;
(ii.) Equifinality;
(iii.) Feedback;
(iv.) Transformation;
(v.) Entropy;
(i) Differentiation
(ii) Equifinality
This refers to the way open systems can achieve their objectives in a variety of ways using varying inputs, processes and methods.
(iii) Feedback
This is a control mechanism in open systems. Feedback involves measuring the output of the system, comparing the output with a standard and using any difference to modify subsequent input to ensure the output conforms to the required standard.
(iv) Transformation
(v) Entropy
This refers to the tendency towards disorder (chaos) in a system. The more closed a system, the greater the entropy.

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