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CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

The fastest growing area of computing is end-user computing especially the area of end-user application development which is based on the fourth generation languages (4GLs).

(i.) Describe five major features of a fourth generation language.
(ii.) Discuss the advantages to an organization in having users involved in developing information systems applications.
(i) Major features of a 4GL:

(ii) Advantages accrued an organization that lets users be involved in developing information systems applications:

1. Cost reductions
Organizations cut down on costs that would have arisen if they were to use experienced programmers to develop the applications.
2. Improved decision making
Managers are able to improve the quality of their decisions through timely information supplied management reporting systems developing through end user computing.
3. Increased user motivation
Because management trusts end-users develop their own small systems, users feel motivated to be innovative. Motivated users are capable of producing quality systems.
4. Acceptable systems
By letting users to develop their own systems, an organization is guaranteed that its systems will be acceptable to users since it‘s the users who understand their needs best.
5. Greater operational efficiency
Since end-user development is likely to lead to acceptable systems being produced, employees who use the systems they‘ve developed are likely to have a greater job satisfaction from using the developed systems. Increased job satisfaction leads to employee motivation which may lead to improved organizational efficiency.
6. No user resistance
Adoption of end-user developed systems does not face user resistance since users were involved with coming up with such systems.

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