Management information systems revision question and answer

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Word-processing and desk top publication applications have created a problem of an increased flow of paper. Document imaging systems can reduce this problem.
i. Describe the key elements of a document imaging system;
ii. Outline why a document imaging system can significantly reduce the paper-flow.
i. Elements of document imaging systems are scanners, powerful computer, bulk optical storage systems (jukeboxes), index servers for document retrieval, retrieval equipment
consisting primarily of workstations with graphics capabilities and printers, all connected LANS.

ii. Imaging systems can reduce document flow allowing more than one person to work on a document via workstations. Previously with paper-based systems, work was carried on sequentially on a document. With the availability of LANS, retrieval systems and workstations, processing can be done in parallel thus reducing the total document processing time.

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