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CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

In the conduct of duties, a professional information analyst/programmer might become involved in an ethical conflict with an instruction from his/her organization. An approach to this problem suggests that there are four main tasks that should be very carefully considered the professional person before any action is taken: –
a. Collect and examine all the facts of the case;
b. Ensure that all internal organizational processes have been utilized;
c. Carefully consider your own situation;
d. Carefully consider possible final choices and outcomes.
Using the above headings, outline possible tasks and decisions that should be carried out or taken.
Ethical conflict
a) Examine the facts: –
i. Can the practice be clearly identified as illegal, potentially dangerous or just a questionable business practice?
ii. What damage will be caused to all stakeholders in the organization weighed against what is likely to be achieved.
iii. Know the organizational ethical standards and laws and regulations relating to the abuse.
iv. Document and verify all research clearly and carefully
b) Internal processes carried out:
i. Identify organizational policies and procedures which may support correcting the abuse.
ii. Always support your complaint in writing with supporting documentation and deliver to the correct authority.
iii. Make sure ALL internal channels available have been covered.
iv. Make sure ALL processes have been fully documented.
v. Allow a reasonable time for the organization to remedy the situation, carefully noting actions taken and time occurring.
c) Own situation: –
i. Establish support for your action with your colleagues.
ii. Consider your own employment record carefully, as it is possible that the organization might try to discredit your action.
iii. Be quite clear on your own legal rights.
iv. Be firm but reasonable with your claim.
d) Possible choices and outcomes: –
i. Once all the internal channels have been exhausted then you face the following options: –
(1) Leave the organization and report the abuse;
(2) Stay and expose the abuse;
(3) Stay and say nothing.
ii. Report the abuse to a statutory regulatory body.
iii. Go to the media, pressure group, and your parliamentary representative.
iv. Most importantly, always Document Times and Dates of Everything Concerning the Abuse.

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