Management Information Systems

CHRP - Management Information Systems, Pdf notes, Past papers, syllabus

CHRP 10 Management Information Systems


The course unit covers an overview of MIS; computer application software; systems development; network and infrastructure; systems control and HR information systems.

General Objective

To equip the learners with the skills to manage and apply modern technology to enhance decision making in the business environment.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course unit, the learner will be able to:

  1. Discuss the role of ICT in a business environment and ethical consideration.
  2. Identify the various components of a computer system and applications.
  3. Operate a computerized HRMIS.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of emerging trends in ICT and its application at workplace.

An Overview of Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Meaning of MIS
  • Types of MIS and their merits and demerits
  • Essentials of MIS
  • The use of modern information and communication technology (ICT) in MIS
  • The concept of information is power
  • Features of an information age
  • Nature of IT systems
  • Information systems model
  • Quality and quantity of the ICT
  • Costs and benefits of the ICT
  • Managing the ICT
  • The future of the ICT and
  • ICT policy in Kenya

Introduction to Computers

  • Meaning and importance of computers
  • Computer architecture/Evolutions
  • Types of computers
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Computer peripherals and their functions

Computer Software

  • Distinction between data and information
  • Data and information processing methods
  • Creating and manipulating directories and files
  • Use of internal and external storage media
  • Data and information back-ups, security and recovery

Growth and development of HRIS

  • Factors influencing demand for and supply of ICT
  • Managing innovation and technology
  • Growth and development of the ICT in industries
  • Globalization and information systems

The Systems Approach

  • The concept of systems approach and its application in the ICT
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Database management systems
  • Data analysis
  • Systems configuration and troubleshooting

Network Management

  • Network-based applications development
  • Telecommunication
  • Purpose and types of computer networks
  • Importance of computer networking
  • Networking procedure
  • Factors influencing networking
  • Computer distribution
  • Factors influencing distribution
  • Building knowledge-based systems

Computer Applications

  • Types of computer applications
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Presentations
  • Internet technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Creating, modifying and storing documents word processing, spreadsheets, databases and PowerPoint

Information Systems Development and Implementation

  • Problem recognition and specification
  • Information gathering
  • Specification for the new system
  • System design
  • System construction
  • System implementation
  • Review and maintenance
  • Systems implementation
  • Systems evaluation

Systems Control and Data Protection

  • Need for systems control
  • Systems control procedures
  • Data and information protection
  • Need for data protection

ICT project management

  • ICT project
  • ICT project structure
  • Need for project management
  • Project management tools

Use of Technology in HR Service Delivery

  • Extent of ICT use in HR
  • Factors that influence use of technology to deliver HR services e.g. process changes, advances in technology
  • ICT potential in the HR profession
  • Effects of technology on HR processes e.g. virtual teammeetings
  • Metrics for HR Management and evaluation e.g. Cost per hire, absence rate, turn over costs, HR expense factor etc
  • Technology trends e.g. e-Procurement, electronic signatures, electronic record keeping
  • Factors that influence use of technology to deliver HR services @.g. process changes, advances in technology
  • Effect of ICT use

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