• Use of feedback should be encouraged; this enables the sender of the message to know whether the message was clearly understood and right actions taken.
  • Managers should plan their communication effectively by identifying the objectives/purposes of communication.
  • Appropriate tone should be used; the tone should be consistent

with the message being delivered.

  • Technical jargons/ specialist language should be avoided such language should only be used when addressing people with similar backgrounds.
  • Encoding or decoding should be done with symbols that are familiar to the speaker and
  • Managers and receivers of messages should improve their listening ability. Effective communication requires effective listening not only by the receivers but also by the senders of the message.
  • Use of appropriate electronic media should be encouraged e.g. computers to store, process and disseminate information Other than, that modern communication technology e.g. mail, tel-congressing etc. should also be used.
  • There should be effective use of communication aide‘s such as projectors and public address systems, power points etc.

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