Most governments are embracing information communication technology through the implementation of e-governance initiatives. Describe what is meant by e-governance and give four areas in which e-governance is beneficial to the public.

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This refers to the application of electronic means in the interaction between government and citizens and governments and businesses, as well as in internal government operations to simplify and improve democratic government and business aspects of governance.
Areas where e-governance is beneficial to the public:
1. Online license applications/renewals.
2. Online renewal of car tags, vehicle registration.
3. Payment of property taxes online.
4. Payment of utility bills online.
5. Registering and voting online.
6. Downloading of forms on websites e.g. passport application
7. Submitting forms online e.g. ID application
8. Online help with filling forms (permits, birth/death certificates)
9. Discussion groups on websites that facilitate democratic exchange of ideas.
10. Online polls and questionnaires.
11. Online notification of citizens.
12. Online versions of laws, rules and regulations.

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