Most users interact with their computer systems through a command-driven interface or graphical interface. As a person in charge of Information Technology (IT), your boss is proposing that you move away from the command driven interface you are currently using, to a new platform which is object-based and has appealing interface as well as being more user friendly. What advise might you offer your boss regarding this proposal

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Alternative 1:

I would advise my boss that we adopt a new platform. Reasons:
1. The new platform would be user-friendlier due to the appealing interface and graphical objects (menus, text boxes, buttons) involved.
2. Most software today is available for the graphical interface e.g. most word processors, browsers, spreadsheets, and database management systems in the market today are for the graphical interface. Hence, the organization will have greater vendor independence.
3. Since the graphical interface is user-friendlier, it will result in lesser training costs because the system users can more or less learn basic system functions on their own.
4. The graphical user interface could improve operational efficiency. Since the GUI is easier to use as compared to the command driven interface, staff can perform their tasks such as word processing, database management, and spreadsheet editing and formatting with greater speed.

Alternative 2:
I would advise my boss against adopting a new platform.

1. A GUI requires a lot of system resources e.g. disk space, processor speed, powerful display monitors. This would imply additional costs in moving to the graphical interface.
2. Software required for the graphical interface would be more expensive than software required for the command-driven interface because of the convenience provided the graphical interface.

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