Name different systems development approaches within an organization. Give the merits and demerits of the approach ideal for Expert system.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The following are different systems development approaches:
i) Traditional approach
ii) Prototyping approach

iii) End user development approach
iv) Top down approach
v) Bottom up approach
vi) Systematic approach for development in small organisations. The approach deal for Expert system is prototyping approach.

Advantages of prototyping approach:
i) Prototyping requires intensive involvement the system users. Hence users needs and requirement are better defined under this approach.
ii) A very short time period is normally required to develop and start experimenting with a prototype.
iii) Since system users experiment with each version of the prototype through an interactive process, errors are hopefully detected and eliminated early in the development process.

i) Prototyping can only be successful if the system users are willing to devote significant time experimenting with the prototype and provide the system developers change suggestions.
ii) The interactive process of prototyping causes the prototype to be experimented with quit intensively. Inadequate testing can make the approval system error-prone.
iii) Prototyping may cause behavioral problem with system users.

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