Name six guidelines required for the development of new information systems.

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Guidelines required for the development of new information systems

1. Economy
A good system must be economical or cost effective meaning that tangible and intangible benefits derived should overweigh all the costs involved in the development.
2. Efficiency
It will be in the interest of the user to develop a system which is fast enough so as to accommodate changes in the real time environment
3. Flexibility
A good system must be expandable or flexible so that user requirement can be incorporated from time to time.
4. User oriented
The system is designed for the user but not user for the system thus it must be user specific so that it is acceptable to them.
5. Reliability
A good system should help users develop confidence through reliability this means cases of breakdown or abnormality should be reduced.
6. High level integrity
A good system should safeguard the user confidentiality or the privacy of information under processing.

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