Office Administration and Practice

Office Administration & practice, pdf notes, Past papers, syllabus

CHRP 07 Office Administration & practice


The course unit covers organization structure; general office administration; understanding people in an organization;  and emerging issues and trends.

General Objective

To enable the learners to understand and appreciate the basic principles and concepts necessary for efficient and effective Organization management of organizational resources

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course unit, the learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills and knowledge for prudent management of resources.
  2. Illustrate the ability to undertake office operation.
  3. Discuss emerging issues and trends in office administration

Introduction office administration and practice

  • Definition of terms
  • The purpose of office administration and management
  • Types of organization structures and charts in the office

Organization structure

  • Different departments in an organization
  • Functions of various departments in an organization
  • Relationship between departments

The office

  • Meaning of an office
  • The functions of an office
  • Types of office layout
  • Features of a good office

Office staff

  • Types of office staff
  • The  duties /responsibilities of various office staff
  • Qualities required of various office staff

Filing and storage of records

  • Different filing systems
  • Different methods of classifying records
  • Use of filing equipment
  • Follow-up methods in filing and storage of records


  • Meaning of reprography
  • Methods used in reproduction of documents
  • Factors to consider in choice of reproduction methods
  • Emerging issues and trends in reprography

Organization and methods

  • Definition of terms
  • Objectives of organization and methods
  • Procedures used in carrying out an organization and methods
  • Importance of organization and methods

Emerging issues and trends

  • Emerging issues and trends in office administration and managements
  • Effects of emerging issues and trends in the management and administration of an office
  • Managing issues and trends in office
  • Ends in office

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