Office automation has revolutionized the office environment empowering the office worker to increase their productivity. Define Desktop Publishing (DTP) and indicate the business applications of the systems?

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Desktop Publishing (DTP) and the business applications of the systems DTP is the use of office computers to implement computerised typesetting and composition systems. DTP systems pull graphics and text together from other
programs. DTP‘s main function is to enable the page to be seen as the artwork
image for editing and production. Some common DTP packages include: PageMaker, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop.

Business applications of DTP include:
i) Design and preparation of the management reports, annual report.
ii) Design of external documentation e.g. press releases.
iii) Design of advertisements.
iv) Publication of in-house magazines.
v) Design of the organisations standard documentation e.g. order forms.

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