Office Safety

Office Administration study

Accidents can do happen to office employees, serious accidents may cause permanent disability and at least prolonged hospitalization

Nature of accidents

Accidents in offices may be caused by

  • Exposed electric wire in loose connection
  • Slippery floors or loose carpeting
  • Open drawers of desks or filing cabinets
  • Tilting backwards in reclining chairs
  • Sharp edges of office equipment, broken glass etc.
  • Unguarded moving parts of office machines
  • Pencils, sharpeners, pins etc.
  • Running or rapid walking along stairways or through doorways
  • Reading while walking along passages
  • Inadequate lighting or worn out tread on stairways

Causes of accidents

  1. Mechanical causes
  2. Physiological causes
  3. Psychological causes

Measures for ensuring safety

  • Provision of safe working place
  • Safeguarding hazardous machines and equipment
  • Provision of safety clothing
  • Maintenance of orderliness and cleanliness
  • Provision of first aid service
  • Provision of fire lighting equipment
  • Safety education and training of employees
  • Promoting safety consciousness

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