Organizational Theory and Behaviour notes KNEC Diploma

Topic 1: Introduction to Organization Theory and Behaviour

  • Meaning of organisation theory and behaviour
  • Importance of studying organisation theory and behaviour
  • Levels of organisation behaviour
  • Theories of organisation behaviour

Topic 2: Individual Behaviour in Organizations

  • Psychological processes underlying individual behaviour
  • Factors that influence behaviour
  • Variables used to evaluate the behaviour of individuals

Topic 3: Group Behaviour

  • Meaning of the term group
  • Reasons for the formation of groups in an organisation
  • Types of groups in an organisation
  • Factors affecting group performance
  • Process of group decision making
  • Stages in group formation
  • Functional and dysfunctional consequences of group behaviour

Topic 4: Conflict Management

  • Definition of conflict
  • Causes of conflict in an organisation
  • Levels of conflict in an organisation
  • Methods of handling conflicts in an organisation
  • Role of the management in handling conflict
  • Consequences of conflict in an organisation

Topic 5: Stress Management

  • Meaning of stress
  • Causes of work stress
  • Consequences of stress
  • Ways of managing stress

Topic 6: Change Management

  • Meaning of organisational change
  • Reasons for organisational change
  • Consequences of change
  • Why people resist change
  • Methods of implementing change
  • Ways of coping with change

Topic 7: Power Politics in an Organization

  • Definition of power
  • Meaning of politics
  • Sources of power in an organisation
  • Types of power relationship in an organisation

Topic 8: Organisational Effectiveness

  • Meaning of organisational effectiveness
  • Meaning of organisational goals
  • Types of organisational goals
  • Process of measuring organisational performance

Topic 9: Organisational Culture

  • Meaning of culture
  • Meaning of organisational culture
  • Factors leading to development of an organisation culture
  • Importance of culture in an organisation
  • Reasons for different organisational cultures
  • Types of organisation cultures
  • Indicators of organisational culture
  • Limitations of an organisation culture to organisational employees

Topic 10: Emerging Issues and Trends

  • Emerging issues and trends in organisation theory and behaviour
  • Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in organisation theory and behavior
  • Coping with challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in organisation theory and behaviour

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