Outline the documents that must be delivered to the registrar of companies together with the memorandum of association.

• Articles of association: it is the internal constitution of the company. Contains the rules of internal management. Regulates the relations between the company and its members.
• Declaration of compliance: this is a sworn statement made by a director or the secretary to the effect that the subscribers have complied with the provisions of the Act and are desirous of being formed to a company.
• Statement of nominal capital: this document is a requirement of the Stamp Duty Act.It specifies the capital with which the company proposes to be registered.
• List of directors: this list identifies the persons who have agreed to become directors their date of birth occupation etc.
• Consent to act as director: this is a document to the effect that the signatory has personally agreed to become a director of the company.
• Notice of location of registered office: this is a document which specifies the physical and postal address of the company i.e. the city or town in which the registered office is situate, plot number and building.

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