Outline the duties and responsibilities of the project manager

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Duties and responsibilities of the project manager
The project manager is the person who takes the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the desired result is achieved on time and within budget.

Duties include:
Outline planning. Setting project targets, determining activities and their sequencing.
 Detail planning. Breaking down the project into activities and tasks, determining resource requirements and network planning.
 Team building. Motivation and leadership.
 Communication. Both within the project team and with senior management.
 Co-ordination. Between team members, users and third parties.
 Monitoring and control. Through feedback and corrective action.
 Problem resolution. For any unexpected problems.
 Quality control. Trade-off between timely completion and project quality.

Responsibilities to management include:
 Efficient use of resources.
 Keeping management informed.
 Ethical behaviour.
 Maintaining customer orientation.

Responsibilities to the project and the project team are:
 Keeping the project on target.
 Ensuring availability of required resources.
 Integrating new team members.
 Provision of the necessary support if members leave.

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