Outline the kind of behaviours that call for disciplinary action in workplaces.

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision questions and answers

The following list of offences indicates the kinds of behaviours that have often been specified in disciplinary procedures:

i) Engaging in a strike or group stoppage of work of any kind, slowdown, sabotage, picketing in connection with the failure to abide by the terms of the union agreement or by the award of an impartial arbitrator.
ii) Insubordination or wilful disobedience in carrying out reasonable requests from a supervisor, or refusing to accept a job assignment.
iii) Falsifying time cards and production records.
iv) Inefficiency, e.g., failing to do the amount and quality of work that were expected of employees when first hired.
v) Repeated tardiness and absenteeism.
vi) Using liquor on company premises; possession, use, and distribution of unlawful drugs; drunkenness.
vii) Fighting or attempting to injure others (aggressors only) on the job or on company premises; horseplay and practical joking.
viii) Unauthorized possession of weapons.
ix) Gambling and bookmaking on the premises
x) Wilful damage to company property.
xi) Violations of safety, environment and health regulations.

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision

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