Outline three functionalities or tools that an automated software development tool requires.

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Automated software development tool (CASE tool)
This refers to a tool that computerizes the step-by step methodologies for software and systems development to reduce the amount of repetitive work the software needs to do.
Functionalities or tools required by an automated software development tool:

1. Automated graphics facilities for producing charts and diagrams. These could come in handy when diagramming various aspects of the system during documentation.
2. Screen and report generators, which aid the user to produce quality reports, and screen designs.
3. Data dictionaries- these describe in detail the components of graphical models (Data flow diagrams, Entity relationship diagrams, Flow charts, etc).
4. Extensive reporting facilities for report production.
5. Analysis and checking tools- useful for organizing and documenting systems requirements that are obtained from the analysis phase. Checking tools enable the developer to ensure development standards are adhered to.
6. Code generators to produce program code.
7. Documentation generators to produce systems documentation.

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