Principles and Practices of Marketing
  1. Highlight the circumstances under which an organization would find it necessary to reduce the price on its products (10 marks)
  2. Hamisi intends to start a hotel business in middle class residential area. Highlight 4 factors that should guide Hamisi in setting prices for this food stuff (8 marks)
  3. Explain 5 factors that should be considered when adopting value based pricing (10 marks)
  4. Highlight 6 factors that an organization should consider when setting prices for its products (9 marks)
  5. List 3 pricing methods that an organization could use to price its products (3 marks)
  6. Lolu Ltd recently adjusted the prices of its household products downward. Explain 4 circumstances that might have led the organization to make the move (8 marks)
  7. State 4 reasons why a company may decreasethe prices of its products (4 marks)
  8. Outline 4 methods that a firm may use to set prices for its products (4 marks)
  9. Explain 6 pricing objectives that a company may achieve through pricing its products (9marks)
  10. Explain 5 issues that a company can consider when developing its price mix (10 marks)
  11. Explain 5 ways a company can use differentiated pricing strategies to price their products (10 marks)
  12. Explain 5 factors that a cooperative society may consider when making its pricing decision (10 marks)
  13. Lenana Ltd has been increasing prices of its products for the last four years. Explain 5 factors that could be contributing to this trend (10 marks)
  14. Jambo Ltd is a new firm that is manufacturing baby products. Explain 6 factors that will influence prices of its products (12 marks)
  15. State 3 circumstances when a company may use marketing skimming pricing strategy (3 marks)
  16. Importance of pricing to a marketing organization (9 marks)
  17. State 3 benefits that an organization could derive from cost plus pricing method (3 marks)
  18. Ultimate Ltd is a new company and is in process of determining prices for its products (12 marks)
  19. Highlight 4 pricing objectives that an organization may pursue while setting prices for its products (8 marks)

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