Principles and practice of management revision question and answer

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision questions and answers

A key part of a manager’s job is communicating information to others.

(a) Explain the importance of good communication.
(b) List five possible barriers to good communication.
(c) Describe how these barriers to communication can be overcome.

The need for clear and concise communication and the consequences of poor communication must be understood a profession which exists to provide information to others. Poor communication leads to ineffective control, poor co-ordination and management failure.

(a) Good communication is important because:
– individuals know what is expected of them
– better co-ordination within the organisation
– improves control of the organisation’s plans, procedures and staff
– the instructions of management are understood

– encourages group and team cohesiveness
– can lead to the reduction of stress
– bias, distortion or omission can be removed
– secrecy and misunderstanding is reduced or removed
– information is received appropriate person
– conflict in the workplace is reduced

(b) Barriers to communication include:
– the personal background of the persons communicating
– language differences
– use of jargon
– different education levels
– ‘noise’; that is the message confused extraneous matters
– the perception of individuals
– conflict within the organisation
– overload; that is too much information being communicated at once
– problems of distance
– basic misunderstanding
– accidental or deliberate distortion of information.

(c) Barriers to communication may be overcome by:
– consideration of the needs and understanding of recipients
– careful and clear reporting at all levels
– express information clearly and concisely
– not using jargon or abbreviations
– using more than one communications system
– encouraging dialogue rather than monologue
– ensuring as few links as possible in the communication chain
– ensuring feedback.

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision

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