Problems encountered in development planning Problems at the planning stage

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  • Lack of accurate or detailed data for planning. This may lead to in appropriate plan being developed, as it entirely depends on the quality and availability of the data
  • Existence of large subsistence sector, which make the planning unrealistic
  • Lack of qualified personnel to assist in planning. This may make the country to rely on foreign experts who do not fully understand the country
  • Problem of the private sector which will always require incentives for them to follow the plan
  • Transfer of inappropriate development plan. As some planners may simply borrow a plan that they feel may have worked for a given country, yet the condition in those countries may not be the same

Problems at the implementation stage

  1. Over reliance on donor funding, which if they don’t receive, the plan may not be implemented
  2. Lack of domestic resources such as skilled personnel, finance and capital may make the implementation a problem
  3. Failure to involve the local people in planning. This will make them not to be willing to implement it, for they will not be understanding it or rebelling for the fact that they were not included
  4. Natural calamities such as diseases, floods, drought, etc may make the funds that had been set aside for implementation be diverted to curb them
  5. Over-ambitious plans which are a times just made to impress the donors to release their funds but may not be easy to implement
  6. Lack of co-operation among the executing parties which may make the work not to kick off. For example a conflict between the ministry of finance and that of planning of the amount to be released
  7. Inflation which may make the estimated value of implementation not to be adequate, bringing a problem of finances
  8. Lack of political will and commitment in implementing the plan. This may frustrate the implementation.

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