Project Charter

Project Planning And Implementation
  • The charter is a short (usually 1-2 pages) document that states the main objective, list of the main activities and outcomes, necessary resources etc. It is a basis for composing project team and for obtaining acceptance for project planning.
  • The project charter should contain the following information about the project:
  • Approval for initiating or participating in the project
  1. from decision makers: top upper management
  2. Preliminary title
  3. The objective
  4. Explanation of the need and justification/significance
  5. Basic strategy for achieving the project goals
  6. Project team/partners (incl. the contact data of the coordinator) and distribution of tasks
  7. Resources need and estimations about their availability
  8. Duration
  9. Identify constraints on time, money, quality and other resource use
  10. Identify relevant customer or supplier standards or statements of best practices
  11. Consider how the finished product can be brought into use
  12. Identify the training needs for user personnel

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