Principles and Practices of Marketing
  1. Explain the reasons that would make an organization find it necessary to advertise its products (10 marks)
  2. Banco limited periodically gives discounts to its customers. Explain reasons that may account for this ( 8 marks)
  3. Jambo limited intends to advertise its new range of household products through the radio. Explain reasons that may account for this preference? (10 marks)
  4. State 3 circumstances under which a marketer may adopt direct marketing (3 marks)
  5. List 3 factors that could influence a marketer to adopt direct marketing (3 marks)
  6. List 3 tools of public relations available to a marketer (3 marks)
  7. Highlight 6 objectives that an organization would seek to achieve through its advertising program (9 marks)
  8. Outline 2 circumstances under which an organization may use publicity as a promotional tool (2 marks)
  9. Mlango Ltd has been advised to use newspapers to advertise its products. Explain 5 benefits of using this media (10 marks)
  10. Janet is a newly recruited salesperson. Describe 6 steps of personal selling process she is likely to follow (12 marks)
  11. List 4 types of media that an organization could use to advertise its products (4 marks)
  12. State 3 reasons for the increasing use of radio as an advertising media (3 marks)
  13. Betec Limited has lately been advertising its products through the radio. Explain 6 reasons that may account for such preference (9 marks)
  14. List 3 functions of advertising in an organization (3 marks)
  15. State 3 objectives of salespromotion (3 marks)
  16. Highlight 4 objectives of sales promotion (8 marks)
  17. Explain 4 reasons why organizations find it necessary to advertise their products (8 marks)
  18. Outline 3 disadvantages of using public relations as a promotional tool (3 marks)
  19. State 3 reasons why many people in Kenya do not use online shopping (3 marks)
  20. Describe 4 activities that are involved in developing an advertising plan (8 marks)
  21. Explain 4 benefits that a firm derives from using direct marketing (8 marks)
  22. Word of mouth influence is a good promotion tool. Highlight 5 benefits of using this tool (10 marks)
  23. Discuss 5 areas where mobile phone marketing is being used (10 marks)
  24. Explain 4 methods that a cooperative society may use in setting its promotion (8 marks)
  25. Unity Cooperative Society recently established a Public Relations department. Explain 6 roles the department will play (12 marks)
  26. Pozi Ltd is a new business and has a huge budget for C.S.R. As a consultant advise them on 6 activities they can undertake (12 marks)

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