Provide a guideline for effective data entry screen design.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

i) Restrict user access to screen locations where data is entered
ii) Provide a descriptive caption for each field and show the user where to enter the data
iii) Do not require users to type leading zeroes or trailing spaces for alphanumeric fields
iv) Display default values that users can accept and use default values for constant data
v) Display a list of acceptable values for fields with a limited number of valid choices
vi) Provide a way to leave the data entry screen without inputting the current record
vii) Provide an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of input data before entering it
viii) Provide a means to move among form fields in a standard, or in another, order
ix) Design the screen form to match the layout of the source document
x) Allow the operator to add, change, delete, and view records
xi) Design a method to allow operators to search for a specific record

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