Questions on child labour

Labour Laws
  1. Give reasons for condemning child labor (10 marks)
  • To improve education i.e. children have to be informed of their rights.
  • To reduce child prostitution.
  • To avoid children ending up getting involved in drug abuse.
  • To discourage early marriages by young children.
  • Children can end up knowing money at early age and hence causes habit of stealing when there is shortage of capital/money.
  • To improve child growth and development.
  1. Give possible interventions to eliminate child labor.
  • Enforcing laws on child rights.
  • Educating children about their rights through the curriculum.
  • Empowering community leaders and local administration.
  • Organizing lobby groups at community levels.
  • Setting help /reporting desks at community levels.

Associated life skills

  • Negotiation — Get the parent’s views/opinions about child labor and makes them understand the negative effects of child labor.
  • Assertiveness —We should teach our children to be assertive i.e. to express their views clearly and firmly without disrespecting others/their parents.
  • Decision making — Community can make a decision to stop child labor.
  • Empathy— Children forced with labor deserve empathy.


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