Registration of an Industrial design


In Kenya an industrial design must be registered in order to be protected.

For an industrial design to be registerable it must be new. It is deemed to be new if it has not been disclosed to the public anywhere in the world.

The term of protection for industrial design is five years with the possibility of renewal of two consecutive periods of 5 years .

Requirements for registration

  1. A completed Form IP27
  2. Two identical specimens of the design
  3. Drawings photographs or other graphic representations of the article embodying the industrial design and an indication of the kind of products for which the industrial design is to be used
  4. The prescribed application form
  5. Where the applicant is not the creator the request must be accompanied by a statement justifying the applicants right to the registration of the design

The official fee for registration is approximately KSh 12000 for local applicants and USD 450 for foreign applicants

The official fee for renewing industrial designs is approximately KS 10000 and USD 500 local and foreign applicants.


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